1 What is digital TV?

Digital Television (DTV) is a new type of broadcasting that has transformed today’s television viewing experience. That means better quality, more choices, and more control over your television.

For example, KSDY Channel 50 in San Diego broadcasts their specialty programming on sub-channels 50.1 (Nuestra Vision) and 50.4 (SintesisTV)

DTV comes in several levels of picture quality. The most common are High Definition Television (HDTV), Enhanced Definition Television (EDTV) and Standard Definition Television (SDTV). HDTV is DTV at its finest. With HDTV, you can enjoy a true home theater experience. EDTV is a step up from basic television.

2 How do i tell if my tv is digital ready?
  1. Check the owner’s manual that came with your TV. Find out if your TV has a digital tuner built into it. If your TV has a digital tuner, then it is digital ready. If there is no mention of a digital tuner, your TV is not digital ready.
  2. Check your TV manufacturer’s website to get complete details on the particular model of TV in question. If there is nothing in the product description about QAM or ATSC then your TV is not digital ready.
  3. Check labels for ATSC, DTV or HDTV labelling. Digital ready TVs have an ATSC tuner. An acronym for “Advanced Television Systems Committee,” ATSC allows for reception of over-the-air digital broadcasts. If your TV has an ATSC tuner, you will most likely find labels in back of your TV that read either “ATSC,” “DTV” or “HDTV.”
  4. Check the date when your TV set was manufactured or purchased. Almost all TV sets made and purchased after 2007 contains an ATSC tuner and is ready to receive digital TV information. If your TV is older, it may still be digital ready provided it was made after 1998. Check the manual or visit the manufacturer’s web
3 I have an antenna, why can’t I watch your channels?

We are located in the San Diego and broadcast to the Tijuana and San Diego region. If you are in our coverage area, please refer to the steps above to set up your television to watch our channels.

4 How do I claim my giveaway prize?

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