KSDY 50 understands the need to create and share meaningful content on its various platforms. From production services to social media marketing strategies, we offer a wide range of production and media services needed to help your business succeed.  

Our bandwidth can help you reach a broader audience nationally. With our services and audience reach, your content will be more accessible, helping you grow your viewership, public awareness and sales.


KSDY 50 provides full video production services catered to fit your personal business objectives. We can offer pre/post-production services like script development, video editing and more.  Our talented team will take care of script writing, video shooting and editing the final product. Be it a virtual event or a multi-camera live stream transmitting on various media platforms, we’re ready to help your next project thrive online!

KSDY 50’s production services include but are not limited to professional voice-overs, TV commercials, business profile videos, motion graphics and much more. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for production and deployment of your content through an all-in-one solution. For more information about our video production services, inquire directly. 


Given the global health crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses and nonprofit agencies have turned to live streaming services and virtual platforms to host events. Live streaming and virtual events are crucial in not only keeping the community healthy but in maintaining an effective form of communication between a business and its audience. However, there can be some issues throughout the execution of a virtual project — poor internet connection and low video quality to name a few.

Fortunately, KSDY 50 is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for the successful production of virtual events and live streams on various platforms (i.e. Facebook and YouTube).